Holiday Sale and Shipping Policy Updates

Hello everyone, happy holidays! 

We are currently running a holiday sale for 15% off of any order. Use code "HOLIDAY15" at checkout.

We are also running a sale on the Fantech Aria! The Aria will be on sale for $59.99, and this can also be used with the HOLIDAY15 discount!

Both discounts will last until December 31st. You can find the Aria product page here:


We have also recently made some shipping policy updates, to better reflect our store processing and transit times. We try to ship orders every 3 business days, but may occasionally only ship once a week if the week is busy.

We previously shipped orders every day or every other day, but this is no longer realistic for us. Mouse Club is a hobbyist store fully operated by only one person, and it is hard to keep up with shipping every day with the increased demand. We will maintain our high standards and still do our best to ship out everything as quickly as possible.

View our updated shipping policy here:

Thanks for your understanding, and have a wonderful rest of the year!


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