Store Open Again + Kailh Restocked

We are now open again! We're really sorry for the long and unexpected closing, and we appreciate your patience :)

Some products may be temporarily unavailable as we make some store changes. If you place an order this week, please be weary that there may be some delays in fulfillment as we are located in Florida and currently dealing with a hurricane in the area.

We have also restocked Kailh products with our reopening! Unfortunately, the Kailh Silent 7.3H and GM 2.0 / GM 4.0 will be restocked separately in the future. We strongly apologize as these switches are some of our most popular switches, and we hope to have these restocked as soon as possible.

We have introduced a few new Kailh products. Here is a short list:

  • 8mm and 9mm grey plate encoders
  • 6.0mm height microswitch
  • 3.0mm smt microswitch
  • Encoders with 3/4-pin JST connectors

We will be stocking the Fantech XD7 Aria soon, likely sometime in early October. This will also include replacement Tiger Arc v1 skates for the Aria.

Thanks, have a wonderful day, and stay safe! As always, if you have any questions, just drop us a line on our contact page or through our Discord server.

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