Kailh Silent Microswitch (2-pack)

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2x Kailh silent 2-pin microswitch. Comes in 4.3mm (yellow) and 7.3mm (red) height options. These are the quietest switches that we offer. To replace standard 3-pin switches, you will need the 7.3H switches (red plunger).


Please note - These switches only have two pins, however, they should still be compatible with most mice. The first and third pinholes on a mouse switch PCB are in charge of the same functions, and it is usually only necessary to have one of them.



Size - 6.2*6.2*7.3mm (red) or 6.2*6.2*4.3mm (yellow)

Lifespan - 3M

Operation force - Approximately 70±15gf