3D Printed Stress Relief Installation

Installation Video

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Written Instructions

Carefully remove the wires from the JST housing, lifting each tab and pulling each wire out one by one. Take extra care not to damage the tabs on the JST housing as they can easily snap off if you bend them too far.

For installing a new 3d relief, route the wires through the front of the relief. The front of the relief should be facing the front of the cable. Once the wires are through, push and twist the paracord into the relief like you are "screwing" the paracord into the relief. After you route the paracord through, you need to use a lighter to "freeze" the paracord strands in place and prevent the relief from sliding off. Move the relief out of the way to ensure the heat does not warp the plastic. Use a lighter to freeze the paracord, and it should prevent the relief from sliding off.

To remove an existing 3d relief, we recommend cutting the "frozen" paracord off of the sleeving. The paracord will easily slide off and it can be frozen again later on. Be extra careful not to cut any of the wires.


Relief Specific Instructions