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Last Updated: April 18th, 2022

Mouse Club LLC’s web page ("", "our", "us"), uses a technology that most other web pages take advantage of, called cookies. They are very small data files stored on your computer which allow us to improve your browsing experience.

We use cookies for many purposes throughout our website, including (but not limited to): for login purposes, shopping cart purposes, account related settings, and analytics. They allow us to store site preferences on your computer for future shopping and a more personalized experience. They also allow us to improve the functionality of our site, and provide content better tailored for each user through analytics.

These cookies may sometimes include personal information, such as an email address or your site usage data. This data is never shared or sold with any third parties, and is used solely for the purpose of improving our site. These cookies will exist on your computer in your browser data indefinitely, or until they are deleted/removed from your device.

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