DIY Overview

DIY projects and mods are lots of fun and a great way to personalize your gear. Here is where you'll find some info about the DIY stuff that we sell.


DIY Mouse Paracord Kit

Making your own paracords can save you quite a bit of money when you want to paracord multiple devices at once. With our kit, you get everything you need to make your own paracord! We also include some extra heatshrink and crimping pins, in case you mess up as much as we do.


LiFY 0.05mm² Flexible PVC Electronic Wiring

This is the wire we use in all of our cables and kits - and for a good reason. It's super flexible PVC insulated wiring manufactured in Germany - its perfect for our flexible cables. It's also really nice wiring for small scale electronics and circuit boards!

We supply this wire in 25m spools in the four commonly used colors (black, green, white, red). This is usually enough for around 10 cables, depending on the length of each one.

Wire Specifications

  • Insulation: PVC
  • Wire cross section: 0.05mm²
  • Wire outer diameter: 0.80mm +/- 0.10mm
  • Strand structure: 26x0.05mm
  • Voltage: 30V max
  • Maximum Temperature: -20°C - 70°C


Silicon Ring Mod

Here's a relatively new mod, the silicon ring mod:

Basically, you are replacing the rubber ring around the original scroll wheel with a silicon wedding band ring. Not only does it allow you to add some color to your device, but many people prefer the smooth and silky feeling of the silicon opposed to the original notched rubber. The tactility stays the same, because the mouse wheel "steps" are defined by the mechanical encoder.

Some mice are not compatible with this because the ring itself is plastic or has the rubber factory glued on, but many of the popular mice out there are compatible.