Installing Replacement Skates

How to replace your mouse skates:

  1. Remove the original mouse skates from your device, including all of the previous adhesive. Never use heat to remove your previous skates to avoid warping the plastic and ruining your mouse.
  2. Clean the area with the provided isopropyl alcohol pads. Make sure that all of the previous adhesive and dust/dirt is removed. This helps ensure that the new skates stick properly.
  3. Remove the new skates from the sheet and gently place them on the designated skate areas on your mouse. You can slightly move them around until they are properly aligned with the grooves if you need to.
  4. Once you have the placement you want, apply firm pressure to the skates to secure the adhesive to the mouse.
  5. All done! Super simple to install, and you will immediately notice the change in your mouse glide. Enjoy your new skates!