Installing Replacement Mouse Skates

How to replace your mouse skates:

  1. Remove the original mouse feet from your device, including all of the previous adhesive. It should come off pretty clean, but if you have some remaining adhesive that wont budge, try rubbing it off with friction using a bath towel. Never use high heat to remove the remaining adhesive to avoid warping the plastic and ruining your mouse.
  2. Clean the area with isopropyl alcohol - ensure that all of the previous adhesive and dust/dirt is removed. Most replacement mouse skates come with an alcohol prep pad for you to use. This helps ensure that the new skates stick properly.
  3. Once your mouse is fully dried and cleaned, remove the new skates from the adhesive sheet and very lightly place them on the designated areas on your mouse. Do not firmly press down and secure the adhesive until you have the exact placement that you want. If you messed up the placement, you can slightly move the skates around, as long as you did not firmly secure the adhesive to the mouse yet.
  4. Once you have the placement you want, apply firm pressure to the skates to secure the adhesive to the mouse.
  5. All done! Super simple to install and you will immediately notice the change in your mouse glide.