JST Connector Rundown

Every mouse cable comes with a female JST (Japan Solderless Terminal) connector of varying type and size. They allow for 5 separate crimped wires to be placed into and inserted into the male connector on the mouse PCB. Wires must be crimped with crimping "pins", typically done with a JST crimping tool. After the crimped wires are placed into the female connector, they are automatically locked securely into place.


Types of JST Connectors

JST PH 2.0MM 5-Pin Female Housing - This is the most common type of JST connector found in mouse cables. Most manufacturers will use this variant of JST connector, and it is the largest one of the three listed here.


JST ZH 1.5MM 5-Pin Female Housing - This is the least common type of JST connector found in mouse cables. There aren't many mice using this variant of JST connector. However, it is used in the Razer Viper Wired - a very popular mouse on the market right now.


JST GH 1.25MM 5-Pin Female Housing - This type of housing is more common than the previous housing, but less common than the 2.0mm PH. This housing is most commonly used in SteelSeries and Corsair offerings.