Mouse Components Overview

Mouse Switches

Mouse switches, also known as micro-switches, make up all of the buttons on computer mice. These switches are soldered to a PCB inside of the mouse and are actuated when force is applied to a tiny "plunger" on the top of the switch.

Switches come in various colors, sizes, required activation forces, and manufacturers. The most popular mouse micro-switch producer is Omron, and most computer mice will feature Omron switches in them.

Before buying a switch, ensure that the size and method of soldering match the switch inside your device. While most mice use the standard switch size, some mice require smaller switches, bigger switches, or even surface-mounted switches in order to function properly.

Make sure to check out our Mouse Switch Guide for a better look at each micro switch!



Computer mice use rotary encoders in them to detect the movement and direction of mouse wheels. These encoders don't affect the feel of the scroll wheel button click - but rather the sound, tension when scrolling, and the tactility of each step.

Before buying an encoder, make sure that you are purchasing the correct height, otherwise it will not fit! Additionally, ensure that your mouse encoder can be replaced, as many manufacturers will use optical encoders rather than the replaceable mechanical encoders. Mechanical encoders can replace other mechancial encoders, but optical encoders are not interchangeable with mechanical or each other.

For more info on encoders and encoder compatibility, check out our Encoder Guide.

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