Mouse Skates Overview

Replacing the mouse skates on your gaming mouse is super easy and results in a smoother and more consistent glide. Replacement skates are typically made of PTFE Teflon and have rounded edges to prevent any dragging on uneven surfaces.

If you need help replacing your mouse skates, check out our quick guide found here.


Why should I replace my skates?

Replacement mouse skates are a quick and easy entry into the world of mouse modding! The difference before and after you replace your skates is noticeable and enjoyable.

When should I replace my skates?

If you have used your device for a long time, the skates will wear down over time. The glide can become sluggish and inconsistent.

We recommend replacing your skates when your mouse glide is no longer smooth, or if you notice any major visual wear on them. You can also replace your current skates if they are too fast/slow and you prefer something different.

Plastic film on my new skates?

If you are having issues with your new mouse skates, make sure that your skates don't have any plastic film on them.

Mouse manufacturers sometimes include a small film over the skates to prevent scratching or damage during transport. This film is meant to be taken off by the user, and will come off if you gently rub the edges of the skates.

Mouse Skates Brand Comparison

Here is a short description of each different set of skates out there.

Tiger Gaming

Tiger Gaming is a Chinese manufacturer of mouse skates and mousepads. They work together with iTakTech to design and distribute new products. 

Tiger Arc V1

These skates were released in 2018 and are the original offering from Tiger Gaming with rounded edges. They come with two packs per set, making them great value compared to other options. These skates have a paper label on the back.

If you prefer a very smooth and control oriented glide, these are for you!

Tiger Arc V2

Released in 2019, these are an update to the original Tiger Arc v1. These skates come with 1 pair per pack and have a much quicker glide than the original release. This updated version is comparable in both speed and glide to Hyperglide skates. These skates have a silver label on the back.

Most recent devices are supported, but if your device is a little bit older, you might have to resort to the Arc v1s.

If you are a fan of Hyperglides, you'll like these too!

Tiger ICE

Tiger ICE skates were released by Tiger Gaming in 2021. They were designed for a quicker glide than most other replacement skates. These skates have a holographic label on the back.

If you are looking for a quicker glide than other replacement skates, go with these!


Hyperglides are one of the original replacement mouse skate producers. They offer an extremely smooth and quick glide. 

While Hyperglide tends to release new models of mouse skates slower than other manufacturers, the product is well worth the wait. You can't go wrong with a pair of these. 

Unfortunately, we don't have these available at this time.

Not Available

BT.L Skates

BT.L is a newer brand for mouse grips and skates. These skates released in 2021 and come with 2 sets per pack. They don't cover many releases, only the most popular devices.

These skates tend to be more control oriented. They are not as quick as some other options but they are smooth and long lasting.

Unfortunately, we don't have these available at this time.

Shop BT.L Skates


Corepad are a German manufacturer of mouse skates and mouse grips. They've been around for a long time and are constantly improving their products based on community feedback.

Corepads, or "Corepad Skatez", are extremely consistent and long-lasting mouse skates. They cover a very wide range of mice that other companies may not cover, and do a great job at it.

Corepad is also very quick to release replacement skates for popular new releases.

Unfortunately, we don't have these available at this time.

Not Available

Hotline Games

Hotline Games is one of the original aftermarket mouse skate manufacturers. They offer a wide range of mouse skates, and they offer them at a great price. If you have an older device, you'll probably find a pair of hotline skates made for them.

None of these skates have rounded edges, so the glide may not be as consistent as the others depending on the surface you play on.

If you have a smooth playing surface to work with, you should consider giving these a try, the glide is noticeably unique and one of our personal favorites.

Unfortunately, we don't have these available at this time.

Not Available

Hotline Competition Skates

These are one of our personal favorite choices of replacement mouse skates. They are silver treated PTFE skates and are absolutely buttery smooth.

If you're not a fan of the most popular skates, we definitely recommend giving these a try if you can find them!

Hotline Performance Skates

These skates are a super interesting release from Hotline Games. They are designed to mimic the ordinary stock mouse feet that come with mice out of the box.

We'd recommend going with the Competition Level skates over these unless you're specifically looking for a plain stock feeling on your mouse.

Hotline Master Skates

These are the most unique mouse skates ever released to date. They are beige in color, and come in a really nice envelope packaging. The glide is considered very slow/control and have a break-in period after installation.

The community response was very mixed on these, most people preferred other replacement options out there. These are no longer in production.

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