Mouse Switch Guide

Microswitches are small components with mechanical and electrical functionality that make up the buttons on your computer mouse.

Switches are most commonly replaced to fix an existing switch that may not be working properly (such as double clicking switches), or to obtain a different feel or sound on a device.

Every switch out there is different. It's a good idea to know the differences before buying to see which one would be the best mouse switch for you!

NOTE: When ordering micro switches or any other replacement pieces, you will need to solder them. You can destroy your device if you aren't sure what you are doing. We recommend practicing with some old broken electronics before jumping in to your current stuff!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Can two pin switches replace three pin switches?

A) Yes they can! You need to solder them into the top two pins, and leave the third bottom pin empty. The third pin is typically used for latch debouncing which is an unused feature on virtually all computer mice.

To replace regular 3 pin switches, make sure to get 7.25H or 7.3H replacement switches. Additionally, make sure the switch plunger on the new switch lines up with the location of the previous switch plunger.



Switch plunger

The tiny plastic half-cylinder on the top of a switch. When you press it down, it actuates the mouse switch.

Double clicking

When a button registers two clicks for one physical button press. Yuck.

This usually happens due to oxidized switch contacts, inconsistent voltages, or too low of a click debounce time in your mouse software.

Plated switches

Some micro-switches come with a plating on the contacts that actuate the switch. This helps prevent oxidization of the switch contacts over time and increases the overall lifespan of your switches.

The most common switch plating is gold plating, though you can occasionally find silver plated switches too.

Switch binning

Switch binning is the process of sorting switches based on the force required for the switch to actuate. When switches are manufactured, they may be "binned" and separated into different piles for lighter or heavier actuation forces.

The tighter the binning on a switch, the more similar any two random switches from the same batch will feel. This is done to prevent customers from receiving two switches that have a required force too different from each other.

Switch oxidation

Over time, as switches are exposed to oxygen, they will develop layers of oxide over the contacts and pins. This can interrupt conductivity and eventually lead to double clicking or failure.

  • For a heavier switch with strong feedback:

    Kailh GM 8.0

    Kailh GM 4.0

  • For a light and spammable switch:

    Japanese Omrons

    TTC Dustproof Gold

  • For a safe and "plain" button feel:

    Omron D2FC-F-7N (20M)

    Huano Blue Shell White Dot

  • For something unique and different:

    Huano Black Shell Pink Dot

    Zippy DF3-P1

    Kailh V&S Microswitch

Mechanical Switches

Here is where you'll find a quick summary of most of the mechanical switches that we sell.

If your device uses mechanical switches, you can replace them with any of these.

Kailh GM 8.0

Black & clear housing, gold plated, medium switches.

A fan-favorite from Kailh. They are the most durable of all the GM series switches. These are also definitely the snappiest and loudest of the three.

These switches have been so well received in the community that new releases are starting to include these as the default switches in the mouse. Very impressive release from Kailh!

These switches would be a great pick for anybody that loves strong feedback and sound from their buttons.

These switches would not be the best for spam clicking or quiet environments.

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Kailh GM 4.0

Red housing, silver plated, medium switches.

The GM 4.0s are a very premium and consistent replacement switch. These switches were the go-to switch for a long time in the mouse community to replace the double clicking switches in the Logitech G Pro Wireless.

They are slightly quieter and less snappy than the GM 8.0s, making them a "safer" pick as a replacement switch.

These switches would be a great pick for anybody looking for a heavier and consistent feeling switch.

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Kailh GM 2.0

While not as popular as the Kailh GM 4.0 or GM 8.0, these switches are another premium offering from Kailh. They're slightly quieter and "thunkier". These switches are gold plated with a lifespan of 20M.

These are a great pick for anybody looking for a quieter "gaming" switch while still maintaining excellent feedback.

These might not be the best for you if you prefer loud or snappy switches with lots of feedback.

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Japanese Omron D2F-01F

Omrons manufactured in Japan!

These switches from Omron are a different take on the standard Omron switches, with a lighter click feeling and with gold plating on the switch contacts for better durability. These are probably the lightest switches that we sell!

These switches are manufactured with a slightly taller switch plunger compared to regular switches. Because of this, they are not compatible with all mice. Make sure that your device can use these before buying!

These are an excellent choice if you want a super light and snappy click.

If your mouse has zero pre-travel or a tight fit for switches, you might run into issues with these.

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Omron China D2FC-F-7N

The "OG" mouse switches.

These switches are the most commonly found microswitch in gaming mice. These switches do not come with any contact plating, and are relatively light switches.

If you prefer a plain stock feeling mouse, these are the switches you should go for!

If you want to try something different or unique, check out something else instead.

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Omron China D2FC-F-K (50M)

Double clicking heaven!

Another extremely popular switch from Omron. They feel similar to 20M Omrons but with a slightly louder feedback.

These switches are notorious for double clicking in Logitech and Rzer due to inconsistent voltages. They are very rarely used in new mice now.

We generally do not recommend using these. But, if you insist, we do have a few stocked.

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TTC Dustproof Gold

Gold shell, gold plated contacts, gold plunger. Gold. That word looks weird now.

These switches are our personal favorite! These are commonly found in mice offerings from G-Wolves and HyperX.

TTC offers this switch in three different variants: 30M, 60M, 80M. These switches are all slightly different in feel and sound, but very similar overall. The 80M are slightly quieter with less feedback, and the 30M tend to be the lightest in force required.

These are a great option if you want spammable buttons with a satisfying sound.

These aren't the best option if you like strong feedback or if you hate gold, I guess.

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Huano Blue Shell White Dot

Ol' Reliable

Huano is one of the original mouse micro-switch manufacturers. They are generally known for having some of the heavier switches on the market.

These are one of the most popular switches on our site! They are relatively quiet and thunky. They are commonly found in older mice from Zowie and SteelSeries.

We recommend these for side buttons or if you like "hollow" feeling clicks.

We think you should pass if you prefer strong feedback or lighter switches.

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Huano Black Shell Pink Dot

Vaxee Babyyy!

These are another switch from Huano which have become much more popular as of late. They offer a very distinct click feel and feedback, they are very pingy!

These switches are found in all Vaxee mice. Some people love them and some people hate them. Either way, they are a nice breath of fresh air!

We think you'll like these if you like Vaxee clicks, or if you enjoy hollow and pingy click feedback.

You probably wont like these if you like light and snappy switches.

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ZF Gold Dots

These look cool, wink wink.

Very consistent medium switches with a balanced feel and classy look! They also feature an excellent lifespan of 60M clicks.

ZF is a global manufacturer with many different types of micro-switches. These are the most popular computer mouse switch that they offer.

These are a great alternative to Huano switches if you're looking for a medium click with better longevity.

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Zippy DF3-P1

Premium, medium, gold plated switches.

Zippy are a lesser known micro-switch manufacturer with some impressive tactile switch offerings.

These are an excellent replacement for the original Omron D2FC-F-7N switches. They're similar in feel to Japanese Omrons, but without any compatibility issues from plunger height. 

If you enjoy Huanos and Omrons, give these a shot!

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Kailh Silent Microswitch

Silent switches! Spooky.

If you've been keeping people up at night with all that clicking, or catching some glances at the office, it might be worth giving these a try. They're not the best feeling switches out there, but they're definitely silent.

These switches are two pin opposed to the traditional three pins. To install these switches, you would solder them using the first and second pin holes, leaving the third (bottom) pin empty. 

These are a great pick if you need something silent. Duh!

These wont work if you like strong feedback or need a switch with a long lifespan, as they are only rated for 3M clicks.

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TTC Silent Switches

Another new release from TTC!

These are relatively new from TTC. They come in 5.5H, 6.0H, and 7.25H options. They do feel quite similar to Kailh silent switches, and they are both similarly designed.

If you need silent switches with different mounting height options compared to the Kailh Silents, go for these.

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Kailh V&S Hybrid Microswitch

We have no idea what V&S stands for.

What an interesting switch! This new release from Kailh features a tiny lever which toggles the switch from silent to loud. These switches are on the heavier side. The lever works great and the feedback is satisfying.

These switches may not be compatible with all devices due to the odd shell size and plunger placement, but Kailh does recommend them for computer mice.

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Kailh SMT Mini Switch

Pins? Never heard of her.

These switches are surface mounted rather than using pins. This type of soldering in mice is mainly used for side buttons, such as the side buttons on the Logitech G Pro Wireless. We offer both a light and heavy force option for these.

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Optical Switches

Here are the most popular optical mouse switches.

These switches are not interchangeable with mechanical switches, or vice versa. You can't replace mechanical switches with optical switches. If you want to replace your optical switches, you must choose optical switches with the same mounting bracket.

TTC Opticals

TTC Optical Switches

These are TTC's newest switch release. These switches are commonly found in Roccat mice.

TTC has listened to feedback and made several revisions to them. The latest revisions have much better reviews compared to the early batches.

These use a TTC optical mounting bracket. You can currently use these in Roccat and CoolerMaster optical mice.

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Razer Opticals

Razer's Custom Optical Mouse Switches

These purple plunger switches are very unique looking and found in all of Razer's latest mice offerings. You cannot currently purchase replacements of these anywhere, but hopefully that will change in the future!

At first, the community found these switches quite mushy and underwhelming - but they have since been further improved and the latest batches of their mice are much more enjoyable to use.

These use an LK style optical mounting bracket and can currently only be used in Razer optical mice.

Not Available

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