Paracord Cable FAQ

What's a paracord?

Paracord mouse cables are by far the most popular mod out there for gaming mice. Paracords are replacement cables created with super flexible wires (usually PVC insulated wiring) and sleeved with 550 type III nylon paracord.


Why paracord?

Currently, most gaming mice on the market use stiff, heavy, and boring cables out of the box. While recently we've seen some companies make the push for lighter & flexible cables, paracords are still the best of the best.

Paracord cables are extremely lightweight and as close to a wireless feel that you can get on a wired mouse. You wont feel these cables dragging around on the mouse pad during your gameplay, and you avoid all the resistance that standard cables have when moving against cable knots and kinks.

Additionally, you can customize them with different colors of paracord sleeving to better match the rest of your setup. That must do something for your gaming skills right? .......... right?


Why are some paracords labeled as "flexible" or "medium"?

There are plenty of places to purchase American made 550 type III nylon paracord online. However, there are only a handful of different paracord manufacturers which supply the paracord retailers.

Each manufacturer has different tolerances and manufacturing processes which leads to differences in strength and flexibility of the paracord sleeving.

Most of the paracord we sell is as flexible as possible, but we do offer some medium and stiff sleeving options for those who prefer it. Looking at you, low sens players that lift your mouse on top of the flexible cables 👀


Should I buy a 3d printed stress relief or the heatshrink relief?

It depends. Most people prefer the 3d printed reliefs these days since they are easier to install and 3d printing is pretty cool. However, they will only fit one specific mouse and we don't currently support every mouse out there.

On the other hand, heatshrink reliefs aren't molded to any specific mouse and can be swapped from device to device as long as you have the correct JST pinout on the cable.