JST Pin Layout Guide

Last Updated: June 24th, 2022


If you are making your own cable, or you would like to use an existing cable with a new mouse, you need to make sure the pins are in the correct order in the JST housing. Almost every mouse uses a different configuration, even mice from the same brand. If you don't use the correct pin order, you can potentially destroy your device.

But don't worry! It's easy to rearrange the pins. As long as the JST connector is the same size, you just need to rearrange the pins themselves to the correct order, and the cable should work for the new device.

To rearrange the pinsyou need to slightly lift the tabs on the JST connector to release the crimp pin locking mechanism, and gently pull the wire out of the connector. Be extra careful not to bend the tabs too far, because they can bend too far and break off. Once you have the wires out, place them in the correct order and push the tabs back into place. Make sure to place the wires back into the housing in the correct orientation to ensure it locks itself in the housing.

If your JST connector is a different size than the previous cable, the cable is not compatible. You can't just change the housing - you need to change the housing as well as the crimping pins. 


WARNING - Be extremely cautious when changing the pinout of your cable. If you use the wrong pinout, you could break your entire device. Make sure that the +5V (red) cable absolutely goes to the correct place.

Your POV:

Place pins from left to right with the connector facing you like this. 

Shield = Empty | Black = Ground | Green = D+ | White = D- | Red = +5V

  • CoolerMaster

    MM710, MM711, MM720 | JST 2.0 | shield black green white red

  • Corsair

    Harpoon RGB Wired | JST 2.0 | shield black green white red


    Scimitar, M65 Pro | JST 1.25 | red white green black shield

  • Cougar

    Airblader | JST 1.25 | shield black green white red

  • Dream Machines

    DM1 Pro, DM1 FPS | JST 2.0 | red black shield green white


    DM3 Mini | JST 2.0 | shield black green white red

  • Endgame Gear

    XM1, XM1r RGB | JST 2.0 | shield black white green red

  • Finalmouse

    Ultralight Pro, Ultralight 2, Phantom, Air58 | JST 2.0 | red black shield green white 

  • Glorious

    Model O, O-, D, D- | JST 2.0 | shield black green white red

  • G-Wolves

    Skoll, Hati, 302 | JST 2.0 | shield white green black red

  • HyperX

    Pulsefire Haste | JST 1.25 | red white green black shield

  • Logitech

    G102, G203, G303, G403, G402, G502, G Pro Wired, G Pro Hero, G400, MX500, MX518 | JST 2.0 | green white red black shield


    G600 | JST 2.0 | red white green black shield

  • Microsoft

    Intellimouse Optical 1.1A, Intellimouse Explorer 3.0, Wheel Mouse Optical (WMO) | JST 2.0 | shield black green white red


    Intellimouse Pro (3389 sensor) | JST 2.0 | red white green black shield

  • Mionix

    Castor, Naos, Avior | JST 2.0 | shield black white green red

  • Nixeus

    Revel, Revel FIT | JST 2.0 | shield white green black red

  • Razer

    Viper | JST 1.5 | red white green black shield


    Viper Mini, Deathadder Elite | JST 2.0 | shield black green white red


    Viper 8KHz, Deathadder v2 | JST 2.0 | red white green black shield (thanks /u/TheChromaBristlenose!)


    Deathadder, Deathadder Chroma | JST 2.0 | shield black white green red

  • Roccat

    Kone Pure Owl-Eye (KPOE) | JST 2.0 | shield black white green red


    Kone Pure Ultra (KPU) | JST 1.5 | shield black white green red


    Kain 120, 122 | JST 1.25 | black white green shield red


    Burst Pro | JST 2.0 | red black shield green white 

  • SteelSeries

    Rival 3, Rival 300, Rival 310, Sensei 310 | JST 1.25 | red white green black shield


    Rival 100, Rival 110, Sensei 10 | JST 2.0 | shield black green white red

  • Vaxee

    All Vaxee Mice | JST 2.0 | shield black green white red

  • Xtrfy

    M4, M42, MZ1 | JST 2.0 | shield red black white green

  • Zowie

    All Zowie Mice | JST 2.0 | shield black green white red