JST Pin Layout Guide

Rearranging Pins

In order for you to be able to move a cable between devices, the JST connector must be the same type, and must be configured in the correct order. If you need to change your cable from JST 2.0 to JST 1.5, you can't just change the housing - you need to change the housing as well as the crimping pins.

If you do have a cable for one device that you want to switch to another that it is compatible with, you most likely need to rearrange the pin layout. As long as the JST connector is the same, you just need to rearrange the pins themselves to the correct order, and the cable should work for the new device. Make sure you orient the locking pin on the crimping pins the correct direction to ensure it locks itself in the JST housing.

WARNING - Be extremely cautious when changing the pinout of your cable. If you use the wrong pinout, you could break your entire device. Make sure that the +5V (red) cable absolutely goes to the correct place. We are not responsible for any damage caused, change pins at your own risk.


Mouse Specific Pin Layout Guide

Here are all known connector types and the pin ordering for each gaming mouse. We'll update this list as we learn future pinouts. If your cable does not come with shielding, then you would leave that wire slot empty. 

Your POV for these listed pin layouts.

Place pins from left to right with the connector facing you like this. 

Shield = Empty | Black = Ground | Green = D+ | White = D- | Red = +5V



MM710, MM711 | JST 2.0 | shield black green white red

MM720 | JST 2.0 | shield black green white red



Harpoon RGB Wired | JST 2.0 | shield black green white red

Scimitar | JST 1.25 red white green black shield

M65 Pro | JST 1.25 red white green black shield


Dream Machines

DM3 Mini | JST 2.0 shield black green white red


Endgame Gear

XM1 | JST 2.0 | shield black white green red



Ultralight Pro, Air58 | JST 2.0 | red black shield green white 

Ultralight 2 Cape Town | JST 2.0 | red black shield green white 

Scream One | JST 2.0 | red black shield green white 



Model O, O- | JST 2.0 | shield black green white red

Model D, D- | JST 2.0 | shield black green white red



Skoll | JST 2.0 | shield white green black red

302 | JST 2.0 | shield white green black red

Hati | JST 2.0 | shield white green black red


HK Gaming

Mira-S, Mira-M | JST 1.5 | shield white green black red



Pulsefire Haste | JST 1.25 red white green black shield



G102, G203, G303, G Pro Wired, Egg, G Pro Hero | JST 2.0 | green white red black shield

G203, G303 | JST 2.0 | green white red black shield

G402, G502 | JST 2.0 | green white red black shield

G403 | JST 2.0 | green white red black shield

G400, MX500, MX518 | JST 2.0 | green white red black shield



Intellimouse Optical 1.1A | JST 2.0 shield black green white red

Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 | JST 2.0 shield black green white red

Wheel Mouse Optical (WMO) | JST 2.0 shield black green white red

Intellimouse Pro (3389 sensor) | JST 2.0 | red white green black shield



Revel | JST 2.0 shield white green black red

Revel FIT | JST 2.0 | shield white green black red



Viper | JST 1.5 red white green black shield

Viper Mini | JST 2.0 | shield black green white red

Viper 8KHz Polling | JST 2.0 red white green black shield (thanks /u/TheChromaBristlenose!)

Deathadder, Deathadder Chroma | JST 2.0 shield black white green red

Deathadder Elite | JST 2.0 shield black green white red

Deathadder v2 | JST 2.0 | red white green black shield



Kone Pure Owl-Eye (KPOE) | JST 2.0 | shield black white green red

Kone Pure Ultra (KPU) | JST 1.5 shield black white green red

Kain 120, 122 | JST 1.25 | black white green shield red

Burst Pro | JST 2.0 | red black shield green white 


OG Sensei | JST 2.0 | shield black white green red

Sensei 10 | JST 2.0 shield black green white red

Rival 100, 110 | JST 2.0 shield black green white red

Rival 3, Rival 300, Rival 310 | JST 1.25 | red white green black shield

Sensei 310 | JST 1.25 red white green black shield



Zygen NP-01 | JST 2.0 | shield black green white red



M4, M42 | JST 2.0 | shield red black white green

MZ1 | JST 2.0 | shield red black white green



All Zowie mice | JST 2.0 | shield black green white red