Recommended DIY Tools

Here is a list of tools that we have tested and can recommend purchasing for modding mice or just adding to your toolbox in general.

Note: We have not received any compensation from any of these product vendors, we are just listing tools that we genuinely think work well. None of these links are referral links.


Amazon Scam Warning

There is a rampant scam on amazon in which shady companies will "hijack" popular product listings in order to sell a cheaply made alternative under the popular brand name.

They will usually provide it as another variant named something such as "#1 New Version" or "Updated Version 2.0". Be careful when ordering tools and brand name stuff on Amazon.


  • Real Listing ✅

    Sold and Shipped by, Prime shipping checkmark

  • Fake Listing ❌

    Sold by random obscure company, no prime shipping checkmark, variant name changed to #1 Pack, NEW EDITION, etc.

Current Recommended Tools

Screwdriver Set - iFixit Mako Precision Screwdriver Set - After purchasing this, we've pretty much never had an electronic that we weren't able to open up. Everything feels premium and the magnetic tips are very handy for pulling screws out of tight places.

Product Link -


Needle Nose Pliers Hakko CHP PN-2007 Long-Nose Pliers - Really useful and pretty safe to use pliers. Most pliers I've had will rust all over within a few months, but I've had no problems with these so far. Hakko is a good brand in general.

Product Link -


Spudgers - Fixinus Universal Spudgers 50-pack - Comes nicely packaged, good value for the money. Useful for prying open smaller electronics such as mice or controllers.

Product Link -