USB Type A Assembly

Here's a quick guide on how to assemble the USB Type A kit that we provide in our store. You can use this for any cable that you're making that requires a USB 2.0 Type A connection, just make sure that you solder the wires in the correct order for your terminal.


Video Tutorial

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Written Guide

1) Make sure the colored USB hood is placed on the cable before you start working. It needs to be on the cable before you start so that you can slide it on after you finish the terminal.


2) Solder the wires to the terminals. It's a good idea to add solder to the trays on the terminal and to tin your wires beforehand. Make sure to use the correct terminal pinout for your soldering terminal.

For our terminals, we need to use the following pinout from left to right: +5V, D-, D+, GND . The standard wire colors for this are red, white, green, black.


3) Test the wires for solder bridging and continuity before you finish closing it up. You wont be able to go back once you finish, so make sure that your soldering job is good before you go further.



4) Add the small black cover to the terminal over the solder job as shown. This helps keep the contacts free of any debris in the future.


5) Slide the terminal into the metal housing. The white tray should be on the side of the USB with the break down the middle. The smooth side of the USB tray should be empty. Compare it to another USB cable that you have if you need to. Make sure the tray is not tilted or diagonal inside of the housing.



6) Use pliers to secure the housing metal prongs onto the cable. Get this as flush as possible to ensure that the hood will slide on without issues. We prefer to do the side with two prongs first, then secure the side with three prongs over it.


7) Place the metal clamp onto the housing. It should snap right into place. Make sure not to pinch any wires in the process.


8) Slide the hood up! It should slide on easily and then lock into place once it is pushed over the two small bumps on the housing. Make sure you slide it on with the correct orientation.