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3D Printed Switch Tester

3D Printed Switch Tester

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Note - Unfortunately, we only have black PLA filament available right now. We are working hard on bringing back all previous options again.

Our first custom 3d print in collaboration with CryoMods (@cryomods on Twitter) brings a new way to test out microswitches! This is a small print which allows you to test out the different sound and click feel of switches without needing to solder them into your device.

This item does not come with any switches, it only comes with the 3d printed tester!

Compatibility Note: This switch tester is compatible with most standard 3-pin mechanical switches. The tester also works with 7.3H Kailh 2-pin silents and 7.25H TTC 2-pin silents. The switch tester will not fit the Kailh V&S Hybrid switch, optical switches, SMT switches, or other 2-pin switches.

We will be constantly reading feedback and making revisions to this print to make improvements and fixes over time. If you have any questions or feedback, drop them whenever via our Discord or our contact page.

If you purchase this tester and you lose or break a switch paddle in the future, we can print out a replacement for you free of charge, and send it to you with any future order. Just let us know whenever you need one.

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