Japanese Omron D2F-01F (2-pack)

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2-pack of Japanese Omron D2F-01F gold plated micro-switches. Extremely popular switch and the lightest 3-pin switch that we offer. It is also quieter than most other 3-pin switches.


Disclaimer - Japanese Omrons come with a plunger height that is slightly taller than the standard plunger on a 3-pin microswitch. This leads to incompatibility issues with certain mice as there is not enough extra room to accommodate for the taller plunger. Please double check to make sure your device is compatible with these switches before ordering.


Please also note - The latest batches of D2F-01F switches that we have received feel slightly different compared to previous batches in the past. Omron have likely made some changes in production and there is a subtle difference in sound and feel between the two. We have already verified these are authentic, but please do be aware of these changes before ordering. The plunger height incompatibility issues are also still the same on these new batches.


Size - 12.8*5.8*6.5mm

Lifespan - 10M

Operation force - Approximately 55±10gf