Silicon Ring (scroll wheel replacement)

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Premium, flexible, and durable silicon wedding band rings. Use these to replace the outer rubber of your scroll wheel. This wont affect the tactility of your mouse wheel, just the looks and texture.

Note: Not all mice are compatible with this mod. Please do your own research and ensure that your device is compatible. The rubber surrounding the scroll wheel needs to be non-glued on and removable.


Each ring weighs approximately 0.8g and is around 6mm wide.

The rings are quite stretchy so most sizes should work, but we recommend the bigger sizes (9.5 or 10) if you aren't sure since they felt the best for us on the devices we tested.

Size 8 - 18.2mm inner width // 22.2 outer width

Size 9 - 18.6mm inner width // 22.8 outer width

Size 9.5 - 19.2mm inner width // 23.2 outer width

Size 10 - 19.8mm inner width // 23.8 outer width